The Strong National Museum of Play (The Strong Museum), located in Rochester, New York, is the world's only collections-based museum devoted solely to the study of play. And it is a family-friendly history museum.

Goal: Designing the Museum's Identity System.

Project Type: Self-initiated

Project Deliverable

Type System
2 Posters Series
Exterior Graphics
Donor Wall

Design Skills

Visual Identity
Web Design

CUrrent design

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Exterior Graphics

Exterior Graphics



The logo is too long and complicated.

The graphics of the museum are not memorable.

As a family museum, it should appeal to adults as well as children.


.    There are too many letters and hierarchies in the logo.

.    Letter spacing doesn't help with readability.

.    The museum lacks a strong and consistent identity.

.    Use of complex colors.

With the current identity of the museum, it is difficult to express fun activities for adults.


.    Create a symbol and use only one typeface for logo lockup.

.    Adjust the letter spacing and leading appropriately to improve readability.

.    Use custom typeface for any application.

.    Limit the color palette and use colors in a logical order.

.    Create fun icons based on custom typeface.

.    Each design piece is enriched by incorporating a unique concept.

Identity Approach

To celebrate the fun and dynamism of the museum, I have customized a typography system using geometric shapes easily found in the museum's E-game, activity equipment, and nature.

Logo approach

.    The logo has been replaced with a symbol and type lockup.
.    The symbol "S" was employed from the customized typeface.
.    Only the most important words are colored. There are two more colors for logo variation.

Type System





Color System

Illustration for different categories

.    Below are promotional posters for the museum. The Illustrations on the posters represent E-game, Garden, and Activity (from left to right.)
.    High-contrast color combinations and intriguing illustrations bring energy and playfulness.

Editorial layout

I felt that the playfulness of custom typefaces should be transferred to the stationary system as well. Typesetting is designed based on custom typefaces. The edges of each type block were connected to each other according to a similar rule.

Iconography idea

Icons are created according to the rules for creating custom typeface. It includes circles, quarter circles and rectangles.

Game-like Way-finding

Instead of using flat graphics for the way-finding signs, we designed a game-like 3D sign. The icon and arrows are on different sides of the sign, making it more fun for visitors to find directions.

donor wall projection

The graphic on the donor wall was projected onto the white wall. A shape with each donor's name appears tail-to-tail.