Tartarus Press is a small, independent British press. It specializes in science / literary supernatural/ horror fiction.

Goal: Publisher's identity system and book cover redesign.

Project Type: Self-initiated

Project Deliverable

Type System
Book Covers of 3 Book Series
Book Interiors

Design Skills

Visual Identity
Editorial Design

CUrrent design

Tartarus Press's website:


Book Cover Series

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Book Spines


A 13-letter logo is not easy to remember.

Each book cover design is largely indistinguishable.

The overall design style does not appeal to young customers.


.    The text of the logo type is set too densely.

.   A serif font without customization looks plain.

.    The design repeats on the book cover and spreads.

.    All book series use the same color palette

The design style looks classic, but lacks the energy and power needed for sci-fi, supernatural, and horror fiction.


.    Reinventing a symbol logo.

.    Use a sans serif typeface as the default for the refresh look.

.    Reorganize the editorial layout of book covers.

.    Separate each book series for better classification.

.    Fresh color palette and different colors for different book series.

.    Create intriguing illustrations for each book cover.

Logo approach

The logo was created with the motif of stacked books. The lines are like part of a maze, interpreting the exciting reading process of sci-fi, supernatural and horror books.

Type System




Acumin Variable Concept

Color System

Book cover approch

Book covers were created based on the genre in each category. For example, supernatural fiction can be compared to flow through an atom/particle flow illustration. Electrical circuits are a dynamic metaphor for a science fiction series.

inspiration for sci-fi fiction

Circuit board.

inspiration for supernatural fiction

Fluid/ flow pattern.

inspiration for horror fiction

Repetitive stripes.

Completely refreshed book covers

New illustrations and color combinations bring the original novel to life.

Editorial Detail

Each book's illustration style is reflected in the details of its editorial design.