New Jersey-based Maxlite is one of the first companies to move into LED technology in the industry of certified LED lamps and luminaires.

Goal: Package set and brand identity redesign.

Project Type: Self-initiated

Project Deliverable

Packaging for 3 products
Web Design

Design Skills

Visual Identity
Editorial Design

CUrrent design

Maxlite's website:


LED Bulb

LED Desk Lamp

Power Strip


Low brand recognition.

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of information in the package.

Graphical information does not clearly describe the product.


The brand identity was not specifically defined and reinforced.

The information on the package is not in a logical order.

The size and style of the image on each package is inconsistent.


.    Redesign a simple and modern logo.

.    Remove unnecessary information.

.    Rearrange the order of information.

.    Make a clear hierarchy.

.    Maintain consistent style across all product illustrations.

.    Include actual size measurements with each package.

Logo approach

The logo suggests a light filament as well as the company name. The simple curvy line in the shape of letter "M" was designed to be memorable.

Type System





Color System

package Approach

The design used a grid to represent the company's well-organized product lines, longevity and sustainability. Product illustration and text mixed in grid.

overall information structure

.    All illustrations and information blocks are surrounded by a grid pattern.

.    The same type of information appears on the same side of every product package.
     For example, the product illustration is always on the front side, and the product size information is on the left side of the package.

.    The grid became a dividing line dividing each block of information. It draws the customer's eye so that they can easily focus on each block of information.

Clear Hierarchy

Adjust the proportions of color usage so that the most important information stands out on each side of the package.


The product illustration on the front always maintains the same proportions and spatial relation to the typeface and borders.

Type setting

In the font-only poster, the font composition was set by dividing the text into multiple lines. It follows the same pattern as the illustration-only poster, and is still legible.