Goal: Create a Title wall for installation series called “Corner Shallow Space” by James Turrell

"Corner Shallow Space" was to bring a three-dimensional space and fill it with light so that the space has a physical presence.

Project Deliverable

Design Elevation
Artwork Elevation
Title Wall Mockup

Design Skills

Visual Identity
Spatial Branding


Artwork website:

Artwork 1

Artwork 2

Artwork 3

Artwork 4



Optical Illusion



Make the title wall aesthetically pleasing and interesting.

The title wall reflects the core idea of the work.

Make the entire title wall a nice hierarchy while optimizing for readability.


.    Make a title with both sides of the wall with a corner.

.    Contrast the type size and color of each information block.

.    The title wall designed in the corner reproduces the concept of the work as it is.

.    A light-colored title creates the same atmosphere as the work.

.    Resize the type for readability at various distances and angles.

.    Good control over leading and spacing.

Floor plan approach

floor plan

The entrance and exit are separated, so it is easy to see and it is more convenient to appreciate the work.

Floor Plan rendering

View from different perspectives

title wall idea sketches

Final decision

The title wall uses light colored typography and a small amount of light to convey the characteristics of the series to the audience so that the audience can have a basic understanding of the work before seeing it.

title wall elevation

.    The brightly colored title represents the spatial presence the artist wants to show through a series of works. The letter 'O' consists of a matte light box embedded in the corner of the wall.
.    The artist's name and narration are in dark colors, which ironically compares with the title.