mission statement

Goal: Cookbook Redesign.

The selected cookbook is named "Fondue Cook-in". Fondue is the national dish of Switzerland. With dozens of dips and sauces designed specifically to complement the recipe, they offer a variety of recipes that go far beyond the familiar cheese and chocolate varieties.

Project Type: Self-initiated

Project Deliverable

Book Cover
Table of Contents
Chapter Divider
Introduction spreads
Cook Recipe Spreads

Design Skills

Visual Identity
Web Design


The original booklet design

Book Cover



Fondue Recipe

Table of Contents

Source Recipe


The book cover and the spread don't seem to connect well.

Not all text and paragraphs seem well designed.

Easy to get distracted by illustrations.


Color usage, typefaces, and graphic elements are not used equally throughout the book.

.    The editorial grid system is confusing.

.    No explicit rules for white space between paragraphs.

.    Text and picture overlap.

.    Both the text and pictures are black and white and the hierarchy is not clear.


.    Use two typefaces  throughout the book.

.    Develop a specific concept with an appropriate color palette.

.    Develop an integrated grid system for page layouts.

.    Pay attention to the details about spacing and leading in text-heavy fields.

.    Manipulate the image in a way that better represents the concept.

.    Relocation of text, image and illustration elements.

Concept Approach

Everyone uses an individual stick to skewer food pieces and dip them into a shared cheese pot. It reminds me that my childhood memories are scattered like pieces. Deep in my heart, I always want to revive the memories and keep them.

Type System


Helvetica Neue


Helvetica Neue

Color System

Type Setting and editorial

.    Separated letters and wide-spaced short paragraphs symbolize fondue's food pieces.
.    Illustrations of straight lines, curves and circles visually enrich the idea of fragmented memories.

image manipulation

The use of the duo-tone vintage image has a symbolic meaning to evoke the nostalgia of my childhood.