Goal: Create an app to improve focus during online working and studying.

Project Type: Self-initiated

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UX/UI Design

user group

During the COVID-19 period, students and workers often finished work alone at home, making it difficult to concentrate.


.    The 'at home' environment makes it easy to get distracted while working on a project.

.    People are weaker both mentally and physically than before.


.    Need to find an efficient way to manage the time for school work and leisure.
.    Need a collaborative atmosphere in which projects can be successfully completed.

Interview and what I found out

.    I interviewed five college students who took all courses online.
.    My questions focused on work processes and the problems they faced.

Current situation and limitation

self training. Plan your daily life and try to be more structured.

Collaborate with co-workers to encourage each other to work.

Take it to the extreme to force themselves to keep working until they're done.

Allow limited distractions until they feel it's time to get on the track.


Create an environment where people can focus and work with their collaborators to supervise each other.

Maximizes concentration by  intensive sessions and keeping score of concentration time.

Create a solution that mimics a classroom with a mute function that limits disturbances during collaboration.

Focus meet

The platform helps people collaborate with each other to study and work efficiently in virtual meeting rooms.

While most of the existing focus aids primarily count time, Focus Meet offers more comprehensive features.


It was written based on the results of several interviews.

Style Guide

enable easy access

.    Users can join the Focus room without logging in.
.    On the home page, users can schedule new intensive meetings as a basic feature.

quick scheduling

.    Users can set up the meeting room right away or arrange another time.
.    There are features that help users calculate the exact time they want to start and end a focus meeting.

Schedule Page

.    Intensive session settings help users focus more effectively and improve by maintaining scores. The default values for Focus and Break are 60 minutes and 10 minutes respectively.

more functionality for better concentration

.    Meeting hosts can set up audio to be disabled during focus sessions and only available during breaks.
.    During focus meetings, users can skip breaks. That way you won't be distracted by other participants' audio.

customization during meeting

.    Each user can customize intensive conferencing options, such as whether chat or audio is available during breaks, sounds an alarm, and indicates whether or not they are busy.